Hoc Xmas Party Weekend

Members enjoy a fab weekend of partying and celebrating Christmas. Photo’s thanks to Graham Wayling, Graham Brown and Becky Sultzer

West Midlands Breakfast Meet

The first meeting of the west mids group happened today for a while. Trying to get the group up and running again, 3 members met […]

North London Branch Catch a Chill

Despite the very cold weather forecast we had decided to try for a Ride Out on 28th November, taking reassurance of the promise of some […]

South Wales Branch get Lost in England

The day started well. John Hawkins, Murray Wiltshire, Lloyd Williams and I met at the Otter and left at around 10am. At Abergavenny we met Paul Blackmore and Tony Johnson. Tony had […]

Get Your Motors Running

Maddy, daughter of one of our members – Martin Haenlein – is making a name for herself (performing as Gretel Hanlyn) in the music industry. […]

North London Branch Mooch About a Bit

On 21st November a fine gaggle of our Branch left McDees and reconvened at North Weald Airfield. There we met other Branch members, predominantly Essex […]

Northants Branch Ron’s Big Quiz

Weds 10th November The Northants branch members attended a quiz night hosted by Ron Rutgers at the George Inn, Brixworth 4 teams tried to answer questions […]

Essex Branch Ring of Red Ride

Two of our EHOC member took put in the Ring of Red ride on Sunday, Ashley and Carole. Below is Ashley’s ride report. Today, I […]

West London Branch Remember

On Sunday 14th November the branch was involved in a couple of Remembrance day activities. Steve Cribbin attended the Ring of Red. Meanwhile four from […]